2024 – EAU Palm Beach Resort

The 2024 Wealth & Wellness Retreat will feature:

Spa Services, Golf Outings, Hot Air Balloon rides, and a wealth of knowledge about: Financial Education, Wellness Discussions, and Entrepreneurship!

Stay tuned for the full event agenda!

Being a member of the RR Fund has not only increased my financial literacy and wealth creation, but the knowledge that I have gained is shared among my family members.  We have checked our insurance coverages, opened high interest saving accounts, adjusted investment account allocations and are more knowledgeable of investment funds to choose. The knowledge gained is priceless.  When I say I received more from the RR Fund Wealth & Wellness Retreat than I paid – that is the truth!  The venue was spectacular.  Every speaker was phenomenal and the commitment they had to the RR Fund members success was felt throughout the weekend.  I can’t wait to the next retreat!

Charmian L.
Contacts Director, Chesapeake, Virginia

As a businesswoman and a board member in various organizations, I have attended many retreats over the years. In fact, I’ve even helped facilitate some. However, I have never attended a retreat that was better planned or more well executed than the First Annual RR Fund Wellness Retreat in West Palm Beach, Florida.

From the arrival package that included an outfit to wear to the opening session, the early morning yoga on the beach, the daily sessions dealing with relevant topics covered by top-notch presenters, scrumptious yet healthy food, live musical entertainment in the evening and bedtime treats left on our pillows, nothing was missed. As an attendee, I felt taken care of in a way I’ve never experienced before.

Based on what I learned from the retreat, I revised some of my personal investment strategies that are related to my legacy. In addition, I’ve discovered my skills and knowledge in running a business can benefit small business owners, and I am working on a plan to incorporate consulting into my future work.

Pam K
Business Owner, Norfolk VA

The RR Fund Retreat was invaluable! The quality of the speakers and the subjects covered exceeded my expectations. The speakers were experts and well respected, at the top of the industry. I never felt as if I was too old to start building wealth. The takeaways were doable! In addition to quality information sharing, we had so much fun! The yoga, the concert, the pajama party, and the dinners were all top-notch and a part of teaching us that part of building wealth is taking care of our health and overall wellness.

The RR Fund has been integral to my learning how to manage my finances now, with an eye toward the future. Having experienced a costly divorce, I felt powerless as to what I could do to ensure I could live the quality of life I desired when I retire. The RR Fund is helping me to not only learn and to grow my money, but how to invest in my children’s future by building wealth. I purchased my children a whole life insurance policy for Christmas as a direct result of my membership in the RR Fund. The benefits far outweigh the sacrifice.

Trina W
Sr. Program Manager, Chicago IL

The 2023 RRF Retreat held in West Palm Beach Florida provided an unprecedented opportunity for more than 60 women of color to engage, collaborate and be inspired by top level financial and entrepreneurial experts versed in various aspects in the fields of finance, real-estate, angel investing and business evaluation and profitability.
To say that the event was "life changing" is more than a catch phrase and serves as a catalyst for the movement powered by the RR Fund's goal to "Build wealth through financial literacy and sisterhood."

To be an active member of the RR Fund is to walk into an influential world heretofore hidden in plain view, now uncovered and made accessible and eagerly awaiting new players.

Ivy Coleman
Consultant, Montgomery, MD

I really didn't know what to expect as this would be my first retreat with women that I knew only by name and zoom profile. However, I have not made a better choice when I chose to attend the retreat. The agenda was packed with knowledge sessions that I am still implementing five months later. I had a family reunion planned this year and cannot wait to share this valuable wealth-building information with my extended family! The venue did not disappoint! After full days of learning, building, and eating good food, nothing was better to retreat to the beautiful room to reflect on the day. Following the retreat, I have connected with other members of the fund in their various businesses and since returning there is a deeper bond with the women that attended the retreat. I encourage all who are contemplating whether to attend, don't think twice, just commit, you will not be disappointed!

Dot C
General Manager, Richmond VA

The Women's Wealth Retreat is not just a conference - it's an immersive, life-changing experience that every RR Fund Sister should attend. It's a chance to connect with like-minded women, gain invaluable knowledge about wealth, health, and finance, and leave feeling inspired to take action on your financial goals. Trust me, it's the highlight of my year, and I can't wait to see what the next retreat has in store!

Charmin J
Business Owner, Woodbridge VA

Financial freedom starts in the mind. While I’m great at teaching others how to manage stress and secure their mental and emotional wellness, I wasn’t so good at managing my finances and securing wealth for me and my family. That is until I experienced the RR FUND W&W Retreat.

There I learned about some of the underpinnings of my financial anxiety so I could better understand my financial condition. During the retreat I was educated, encouraged, and challenged to explore my assumptions, beliefs, and biases about money. I was equipped with practical tools, resources, and guidance from experts in the industry that allowed me to approach my finances feeling more informed and confident.

Psychologist, Williamsburg, VA