Pamela Katrancha

Pamela Katrancha

Pamela Katrancha is a native of Pennsylvania and moved to the Hampton Roads area after graduating from the University of Pittsburgh with a degree in Psychology.  She and her husband reside in the Ghent area of Norfolk where they raised two sons.

Pam began her professional career at Hope House Foundation as a service provider for adults with disabilities.  Part of her job included advocating for job opportunities on behalf of her clients.  In addition, she worked on behalf of the people who received services to provide safe and affordable housing situations in the highest possible level of independent living situations.

Pam and her husband moved to the Hampton Roads area with Hickory Farms, a well-known specialty food corporation in which they were franchisees for 45 years.  They retired in 2018 from Hickory Farms.

In 1993, Pam started Garden Gazebo by opening seasonal retail locations in local shopping malls. In 2003, Garden Gazebo operated 40 retail locations in major malls around the country through a dealer program.    Garden Gazebo also had an online presence through its ecommerce site, In 2004, Garden Gazebo changed its strategy by opening year-round locations in Virginia.   Garden Gazebo’s year-round locations included a free-standing store on 21st Street in the Ghent section of Norfolk, Chesterfield Towne Center in Richmond, Pembroke Mall in Virginia Beach, and MacArthur Center in Norfolk.  After thirty years, Garden Gazebo closed in April of 2023.

Pam has turned her focus toward consulting that she likes to refer to as mentoring.  She has developed a service to work with small business owners through providing a shopping report that outlines areas that could be revised/improved to increase sales, reduce expenses, train employees, improve merchandising and much more.  Following the completion of the shopping report, Pam develops a plan to address the findings. Her consulting includes the facilitation of the plan when needed.

Pam is a member of the Retail Alliance Board of Directors, the second woman in over 120 years to chair the prestigious board.   She finds assisting other businesses in becoming successful through advocacy, education and networking a rewarding experience.  Retail Alliance honored Pam in 2023 at the Retailer of the Year Event when she was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Being a mentor for Envision Lead Grow (ELG), founded by Dr. Angela Reddix, is one of the highlights of Pam’s community service.  She looks forward to every meeting with the Girl Bosses she mentors as they develop their ideas and skills to become entrepreneurs.  There is always something to teach and learn. 

Pam is also a board member of her former employer, Hope House Foundation, where she previously served as the board president.   Pam continues to serve in various capacities as a board member and has done so for over 20 years.

Pam serves on the board of directors for the Hurrah Players.  She has loved supporting up and coming actors as they perform high quality Family Theater to sold out audiences for over 35 years.

Pam serves on the board of the Warren Arts Access and Advocacy Foundation which is committed to advancing the accessibility of the performing arts to diverse communities by providing expertise, time, and financial support to students who desire to pursue their dream as performing artists. 

Pam serves on the board of UPAC, Underground Performing Arts Collective that is committed to ensuring a culturally conscious and inclusive environment among its collective members, instructors, students, and performing artists.  UPAC offers Masterclasses and workshops for adults and children in music, dance and acting. The primary focus is to build confidence, self-esteem, and self-acceptance through the arts.

Pam is honored to be a member of the RR Fund, Inc. made up of women of color and their allies who have come together to close the gender and race wealth gap.  Pam is proud to be one of twenty-five members of the one-hundred-member organization to co-author the bestselling, non-fiction book, “She’s Got the Power”, intended to normalize the conversation around wealth.

In her spare time, Pam enjoys taking tap and jazz dance classes.  She also loves to cook and experiment with unique and healthy recipes.  Pam has a passion for live theater and travels to NYC regularly to enjoy Broadway performances while visiting her son and family.  She and her husband enjoy live musical performances while traveling or in their local favorite clubs or concert venues.  Pam is Nanna to four adorable grandchildren and spends as much time with them as possible.