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Women Building Wealth Through Financial Literacy & Sisterhood

In order for more women to build a financial legacy, we must normalize the conversation surrounding money. What better way to do this than to have normal women share their truth regarding their relationship with money?

In She’s Got the Power, twenty-five women share their feelings about money and wealth. Not only do they share the vulnerability of this taboo topic, but they also share personal pictures that describe their journey.

You will see that money is far more than a currency to make purchases; there is a psychological component to the view of money. The status that it creates and how we value ourselves. In these stories, you will learn how great-grandmothers, parents, siblings, and even elementary teachers impact the lens through which we view money.

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Shes got the power book



Dr. Angela D Reddix

Andrea Boyd

Charleta Harvey

Charmin N. Jacobs

Connie Russell

Debora Clark

Faith Palmer

Felicia Morris

Iris Conley Nance

Janet Williams Bruce

Jocelyn Gilchrist

Dr. Karen Foreman Jackson

Dr. Kathleen Cabler

Dr. Kendra A. Cabler

Lakisha Treasure

Lolita Hanley

Marion Uzzle

Michelle Brown

Pamela Katrancha

Rozita Washington

Dr. Stacy Scott-McKinney

Susan Pilato

Tali Starks

Tara McGee

Tasha Turnbull

Ti’Juana Gholson